Sunday, October 31, 2010


Our second featured Perth-based artist, Daek , is not only a local babe-magnet and tea enthusiast but also the founder of the infamous Last Chance Studios .
Last Chance pretty much dominates Perth representing most of P-towns raddest peeps including the likes of Creepy , Sean Morris , Ryan Boserio , Kid Zoom , Tim Rollin (Graffiti on Graffers #6), Elliot C. Strang (Our amazing photographer this issue) and of course our man of the moment, Daek himself.

One evening while drinking tea and listening to Hall and Oates at Last Chance we stripped Daek down to his long-johns and thanks to the brilliant talents of photographer Elliot C. Strang we were able to snap out this issue of Graffiti on Graffers.

As you will see, shit got sexy.

Graffiti on Graffers #7 - Daek x Bridge
Photographed by Elliot C. Strang